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webmaster network (www.admin5.com) August 16th news, since the birth of network video, it has become a field of intense competition. From the early users, traffic and bandwidth contention, to the later copyright war, and then to buy the copyright resources boom, and then gradually return to rational, began to diversify the development path. The development of video websites, swing as many youth also kill many people to live in the wild, gradually become the adult game, the industry has entered the era of strong competition "oligarchs".

Alibaba and Hunan satellite TV, a combined $400 million acquisition of PPTV rumors to just Xiaoting two days once again to the video industry in the teeth of the storm. Just a few months ago, Baidu Iqiyi’s $370 million acquisition of PPS video services, video industry to accelerate the shuffle buried a foreshadowing of new.

China once the video industry is now the star of countless, all fall, only a few companies adhere to today, and have the advantage and development direction of their own. How do they go today? Now, in addition to excellent soil, PPS, Sohu, Iqiyi, music and other video sites still occupy a certain market, they are what stand heel? Future video industry competition is what look like? The Internet independent observers Hong Bo analysis said: "the inevitable integration will also occur. The future of the video industry big game player is only three or four, similar to the four major portals coexist." Whether the pattern of the video industry has been set?

merger. If the introduction is in order to better choice, then the merger and acquisition of enterprises is also a good home. Tudou.com youku.com was acquired in March 2012, while the NASDAQ delisting. In August 2012 after the formal completion of the merger of Youku tudou.com, tudou.com founder Wang Wei retired a year later, start again, in the business of an animated film studio ("the animation"), known to do Chinese version of pixar". Along with the network video industry UGC (user generated content) operation mode of voices rising again, with the first anniversary of the loss of Youku potatoes also return business the purpose of playing cards UGC, launched into advertising plan creator. PPS for $370 million by Baidu’s acquisition of Iqiyi, the founder of investors cash and leave this acquisition has become a pure capital Carnival feast. For Alibaba and Hunan TV intends to $400 million acquisition of PPTV, the transaction has been basically completed. The news has not been confirmed. But it is not difficult to see the video industry structure, excellent soil, Iqiyi, Sohu, LETV has become the four dominant.

What is the ultimate destination of

network video? As long as the user demand, network video will be booming, with the development of WeChat, micro-blog and other social networking tools, network video also gradually integrated into the national social tide, in the video as a carrier, to seize the social channels. And in this new era, the strong survival of those who may have seen the dawn of profit.