Financial portal micro potential vertical site where to go

Abstract: the three major portals, Baidu, QQ, WeChat, micro-blog, including today’s headlines, such as those who have mastered the right to assign the flow of the platform have been devolved to the media". And whether this is not the victory of the content producers, but as a channel distributor no longer have the sole right to speak has become a fait accompli.


comprehensive financial portal now than ever before, Sina chief editor Chen Tong quit as a symbol of the portal era past, Sohu recently shouted to privatization, because of the long-term "undervalued", the financial channel "under the banner of the natural skin does not exist maojiangyanfu"; known as the "China the financial portal website" the early in 2013 announced the establishment of financial information based on the Internet financial channel, has become one of the layout of Internet banking financial websites; another listed as the first domestic financial website Oriental wealth is actively seeking transformation, frequently layout of the financial sector, even the slogan changed to "committed to the establishment of a one-stop financial services do the largest brokerage platform". It is the proactive financial portal into Internet banking, not agree on "internal and external financial portal industry suffered the embarrassment of the ceiling to survive".

and the financial vertical site has shown a different picture, such as the first "real-time news" model of the Wall Street informative website every month in Chinese, 100-200 million unique users; ten gold data is known as "faster than the news news" synchronous global financial financial information website, a monthly 400-500 million unique users by the NetEase; the former executive deputy editor Fang Sanwen founded the stock investment community snowball has completed C round of financing, the current number of active users is stable at 700 thousand to 1 million… And so on… Win, this really confirms the old saying: "a cheap old" portal, vertical All flowers bloom together.

what is this?

can not stop the trend, the vertical site presents new vitality

We first define the vertical

, the target user is vertical, such as gold ten data service to people is the professional exchange operator and the requirement of the real-time financial news depth group; two is the industry vertical, such as Huitong network is a professional foreign exchange platform. The rise of financial vertical site a source in the content industry high quality requirements, the number of required, partly because the industry is trading near, or have an impact on asset prices, or associated with the market price, the commercial space is huge, but more is not stop the trend.

1, entrance effect loss, large and complete platform is no longer attractive

all four major portals, including the portal flow has stabilized or even a decline in attitude is an indisputable fact, the Internet to find information from the portal page in the era has become the past, the views of more than PC from the WAP end to end mobile phone, a number of news client downloads into the billion Club portal the focus will shift to the mobile terminal at the same time, the entrance effect is gradually reduced.