The Olympic Games will be the 2008 most important opportunities for Chinese Sports Websites

recently, DCCI Internet Data Center released "Netguide2008 China Internet survey report", the report pointed out that in 2007 China sports website market revenue reached 470 million yuan, while in 2008, the Olympic Games will become the China sports website in the history of the most important business opportunities, is expected in 2008 China sports website Market revenue is expected to reach 980 million yuan. The growth rate of 109%.

from the competitive landscape, the current China’s sports web site overall competitive pattern can be divided into four camps, the overall presentation of the portal and vertical faction vertical abandon, but the gateway is far ahead of the situation. In particular, reported in the 2008 Olympic Games strategy, will be sent to the absolute portal technology, resources and other advantages further ahead, the specific performance:
– the first camp by Tencent such as Sina, Sohu, portal faction NetEase, portal, market leader.
– second camp by professional sports website, including the new broadband, Cleveland and other leading, market challenger. Second camp to the first camp still needs to develop greater efforts.
– fourth camp market nicher, consisting of second and third echelon place door sports channel, sports enthusiasts and information websites etc..

for the development of China’s sports website in 2008, DCCI that will show the following six trends:

tend to 1:08 Olympic Games will undoubtedly become the most important opportunity for China’s sports website. But not in sports marketing, sports sites, sports sites is not equal to the independent sports website, so the Olympic economy brought about business opportunities and not all was absorbed by the independent sports website, more comprehensive website belongs to. Comprehensive website, independent sports website base points, different opportunities.

Internet as a new rise of the media and interactive platform, will become the most important Internet users concerned about the way of information. Sports sites will be a huge amount of access to the Olympic Games, accompanied by a large number of enterprises to carry out the implementation of sports marketing huge advertising investment.

tend to 2: brand advertisers have added to the sports marketing, and enhance the interactive nature of sports marketing, will undoubtedly enhance the advertising revenue for the sports website to create opportunities.

both in the Olympic Games, the world cup, such as major events, or sports stars for the enterprise endorsement advertising, sports marketing have achieved good results.

trend 3: cross media cooperation behind the Olympic Games: new and old media cooperation will reach a new peak.

sports website has been closely related to sports newspapers, magazines, television stations, etc.. And the 2008 Olympic Games will push this cross media cooperation to a new peak. In order to make the Olympic coverage, the mainstream sports websites have increased the external