Stationmaster net broadcast 5sing by the cool dog reborn change kugou two domain secret online show

1 original music base 5sing by cool dog reborn kugou domain name  ,;

is reported that cool dog’s original Chinese music base 5sing, because the domain name can not be accessed by the Hold site this event continues to storm, affecting the hearts of countless music lovers. Recently, the site ushered in good news, it has replaced the two domain name re open, and can not hold the original official website domain name will go from here?

it is understood that the end of June this year, many netizens said, 5sing Chinese cannot access the original music base, the official domain name is Hold. The official said that the announcement, due to the sudden failure of the site, 5sing site will be suspended for maintenance and upgrade services. Then some rumors began to spread the site in the domain name after the exposure of users and waistcoat, because the site does not hold the "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit", and the spread of harmful audio-visual programs to be shut down. A 5sing time of turmoil began reoccurrence predicament.

2 secret online show: virtual car sold 40 thousand anchor daily income of 400 thousand  

24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86400 seconds, the feast is in progress.

men, women, and even children, began to appear in the video. Cosmetic contact lenses, makeup, black, wig, singing, dancing, Michael intertwined. They are the anchor, they are making money, many are full-time; the audience cheers from time to time over the screen, they are watching, they are spending.

Since 2010,

, an online live music program called YY music, has attracted more than 400 million users. In this semi virtual platform, may flourishes proud, and become the focus of a star studded.

3 cloud platform vulnerabilities, shell network were unknown DDoS attacks  

Yesterday (July 8th)

news barrage video site AcFun, well-known vulnerabilities platform site cloud and shell network today have been unknown DDoS attacks, there are different degrees of access failure.

this afternoon, the video site AcFun barrage earliest official micro-blog emergency announcement, said the current server is under attack, the station operations hampered to varying degrees, are resolved in a timely manner.

4.58, go to the market, people network information classification: what War Within Three Kingdoms is going to end?  

this is a magical field, you may remember a heavily requested Chen Yao made donkey market advertising, at that time was to grab a lot of thunder and the flow of a donkey nets spoof website, and this is just like a donkey nets is another people network information classification Station Network KUSO works.

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