Taobao part of the staff disappeared secretly preparing Liu Zhuang project

April 21st, according to sources, is from a group of employees, the preparation of a secret code named "Liu Zhuang", or with on network market rules making.

Taobao rules Department of an internal staff said: around a few colleagues suddenly stopped working two weeks ago, the phone off, other contact can not find people.

it is understood that each year when the preparation of the new company Alibaba or new projects, will convene a group of secret staff, centralized office.

at the same time there are users to reflect, in the Taobao forum to see, Taobao also openly recruit member representatives, inviting them to participate in the project started in April 22nd in Hangzhou.

previously, Taobao President Lu Zhaoxi has said in the company, the "Liu Zhuang project" will be the most important step in the Taobao strategy. End