Witkey task online virtual 10493 offline micro errand


2008 U.S. economy enterprises frustrated, a large number of layoffs, a free " " website has claimed; task; popular, such as Fiverr, TaskRabbit, people through these sites to release and claim tasks (called gig), for small cash transactions, for the website to do the task to get one extra cash platform. Gig a variety of forms, as long as the user can receive Gig proficiency in a particular line, through the exchange of income (called domestic Witkey, which is derived from the Witkey, zhubajie.com, I have pushed the network, cool network etc.).

over the past few years, the economy has entered a slow recovery phase, the task (GIG) as a unit of exchange mode is facing a new economic background. In order to release the physical life and strange strange tasks of the attractiveness of the decline, forced transformation, and the theme of the network virtual task as the main theme (such as web design or copy) of the site has become the mainstream.

over the past 6 months, Witkey website Fiverr task transaction reached 2 million (occupation Crowdsourcing website Fiverr: give me 5 dollars I would help you, (99designes) is a famous skills exchange website) launched a special line design program "single amount of $15 for the Swiftly," free writing platform "Contently also expanded the scope of the task for publishers to customers. These three tasks have strengthened the task of online transactions, many transactions do not even need to meet the two sides can be completed online.

, by contrast, is concerned about the release of physical activity site is facing the pressure of transformation. Zaarly was originally looking for news release party errands trading platform, and now began to provide online stores, online publishing tasks; Exec would pay a certain price in accordance with the manual work time, now is to pay attention to the Home Furnishing. The TaskRabbit experienced a massive layoffs, but also began to expand the scope of the task provided, the temporary task with more business ideas. These three tasks under the line as the main target of the company for the changes in the market trend, have begun to try to change the direction of business.

online tasks appear to be more than the task of changing the trend of the reasons for the hot line, including the crisis of confidence in interpersonal communication, online business will be extended to the obstacles encountered under the line. In addition, psychological comfort is also the reason people choose to put gig on the line to help strangers.

Zaarly CEO Bo but Fishback said, "if there are people who know a complete gig ability, or do not seek help from strangers online, after all release task people not only want someone to complete this task, and hope you will be able to really care about this task." The Zaarly change the direction of operation, will focus on the shop, is to consider although a stranger in the operating shop, but they are as a special