Daily topic Sina micro blog and Taobao cooperation to accelerate the pace of commercialization

station network (www.admin5.com) April 18th news, began yesterday afternoon, Sina micro-blog and Taobao cooperation to promote the "recommended" window function officially launched, the daily flow of information in the user push about 3-5 commercial display window, when the user issued a single product page contains Taobao micro-blog link, below will automatically appear in the click the module will enter more Taobao products page.

this is followed by fans pass, Sina micro-blog commercialization and a new development. Recalling the commercialization of sina micro-blog, the previous micro interviews, games can only be counted as the test. The true meaning of commercial cooperation with Taobao to promote the window recommendation feature formally launched. From the end of 2012 to March of this year, millet mobile phone, Mercedes Benz Smart, as the music box has been launched in some of the more successful micro-blog micro-blog flash purchase, micro-blog is known to test the case of electricity supplier socialization. Sina micro-blog relevant responsible person said, micro-blog and electricity providers have a natural combination of opportunity, micro-blog platform for e-commerce diversion effect is obvious, and the electricity supplier has become the outbreak of the commercialization of micro-blog.

commercialization has become a Sina micro-blog must do in 2013. Facts have proved that the pace of commercialization is gradually accelerating. We don’t know what the road is going to be about the commercialization of micro-blog. Currently, advertising is still the main revenue model Sina micro-blog. According to 2012 earnings report, Sina micro-blog has 77% of the annual revenue from advertising, the amount of more than $50 million. These ads are based on "social media" display advertising, advertisers are mainly brand advertisers.

and why choose the first access to Taobao, but also from micro-blog and Taobao user positioning and interest in a high degree of relevance. As everyone knows, Taobao set up shop in the vast majority of businesses are small and medium enterprises, strong social marketing demand; a large number of young users and micro-blog are also located in the degree of highest, at the same time to accept the shopping marketing, Sina and micro-blog also want to third parties to jointly develop the small and medium-sized market.

Sina micro-blog to promote the flow of information to display ads aimed at the electricity supplier. Its model is to guide the electricity supplier website, access to traffic or trading volume is divided into specific proportion of sina micro-blog did not disclose. But it is undeniable that this is just the beginning, the next step will be the introduction of more Sina electronic business platform.

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