Maoming community to build a local community platform Discuz 7 into right hand man

with the popularity of the Internet, the increasing number of Internet users, more and more owners began to build the local community, to catch up with the Internet community in the country in a first bus, and the original local community also began to force, from the technical and operational aspects to improve their strength, the Maoming community ( is the typical.


Maoming community

Maoming community by Comsenz (Comsenz) well-known community forum program Discuz! 7 to build, is divided into news, forum, fans tour pal, according to different kinds of users interested in classification polymerization, the formation of the characteristics of community culture to attract Internet users in Maoming, has now become one of the largest Guangdong Maoming area community. Maoming community owners think: in accordance with the classification of interest, very easy to attract users and users of adhesion. The community is like a circle of interest, love car users spontaneously gathered to discuss the car, love travel friends gathered to discuss tourism, travel together, love shopping, users can not only share a variety of merchandise discount information, can initiate group purchase…… As many as a dozen kinds of user interest circle (Forum Forum) is the most unique highlight of Maoming community.

it is understood that not only the community of Maoming and the national majority of local communities are created by Discuz!, like Hangzhou, Hualong, Changzhou building 19 Lane Yantai forum, Jiyang community, Beijing eight net local communities are used to build Discuz. Discuz is the world’s largest and most widely used community forum (BBS) product. As a mature community forum solution, Discuz! The every upgrade leads the China Internet community, social trend; after more than seven years of development, Discuz! Community technology system and human-computer interaction model, in fact has become the de facto standard for the Internet community products, is the majority of users and developers are widely recognized and accepted.