From the dream into a nightmare Zagat temporary Mengsui Google

Beijing on June 27th news, the U.S. technology blog BusinessInsider recently published an article about the restaurant review site Zagat after the acquisition of Google experience. The article said that Google is regarded as one of the best places to work in the global scope, but Google was later acquired Zagat employed by the editor of contract staff resentment, saying that in the Zagat work experience from the original "dream" into "a nightmare".

article pointed out that the Zagat contract staff stories reflected in the technology industry is the rich flow of oil in the "dream world" and freelance conflict and conflict between the poor life of people; at the same time also reflected in a large company, little change in the eyes of the high-rise is how to evolve into the bottom of the "earthquake", which greatly changed people’s life.

The following is the full text of this article:

in December last year, a group of Google employees and contractors received an e-mail. This email will explain how Google’s restructuring of the Zagat sector, and at this time from Google’s acquisition of the restaurant review site just over a year ago.

A Google employee

Zagat department in the email when the tears filled my eyes, because she’s group is not mentioned in the message, which makes her own guess may be laid off. Although her what happened later proved that this conjecture is false, but it is a reasonable guess, because Google has just prior to many of her colleagues issued a notice that these works for the Zagat editor will not be renewed in 2013 of the labor contract.

the female employee is not the only one who has been hurt by this email. On receipt of the messages to people, there is a man in a day later from the management of Google received another email, the email is very long, but the main content is: you should go and see to the toilets, there are some things you must see.

and so it is. Google is regarded as one of the best places to work in the global scope, but mentioned in the email Google female toilet, someone with oily pen mark scrawled graffiti insulting. One of our sources used her cell phone to capture the graffiti as follows:

Google toilet in the insulting graffiti

so, Google did what provoked such a reaction, let people use this way to vent discontent at Google? Zagat acquisition of Google is just a waste of time and money, is a mistake too outrageous deal? And in several sources (some is to work in the past year or so in Google’s Zagat Department staff) were talking, we organized a complete story, the story of.