nnovative T companies were 3 million 900 thousand wind cast short interest network plug angel wing

Zhejiang 05 online news on the arrival of the 3G era, so that the telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom, the three operators to accelerate the pace of competition, but also to many technology companies to see hope for the future of the year, the.

to this day, if you are still stuck in a card game era of computers and the Internet ultra slow mobile phone, mostly outdated.

in the IT industry and for nearly 10 years, Wang Qiangyu always believe that the Internet will be like "homely food" into people’s ordinary life like.

Hangzhou Xun Boda Digital Media Technology Co. company currently has 150 employees. Last January, he founded the "Xun Boda" with the team and their business partners, clear positioning in the mobile phone short culture ".

short culture, in fact, is a kind of fun, with the connotation of mobile phone culture. He regarded the phone as the fifth media after the Internet, he wants to create a mobile Internet environment. As a result, a short cultural community platform – short interest network came into being. The short net interest brought together a happy and healthy mobile phone short message content, in addition to mobile phone SMS, mobile phone, mobile phone and mobile phone MMS music, blog, mobile phone and other content, users can enjoy free exchange and.

start-up high-tech projects if you seize the pulse of the times, it is likely to be favored by vcs.

the end of last month, "Xun Boda" received strong support: they developed short net interest received 900 thousand yuan in Zhejiang Anfeng venture investment company limited the first round of 3 million yuan of investment risk and the Hangzhou municipal government guide fund to follow up investment, which has become the guide venture capital funds involved in the cultural and creative industries the first single.


" are not just looking at the broad prospects fast and good business model and Boda "in the industry, and the team executive ability and innovation ability." Said Ruan Zhiyi, chairman of capital. In the eyes of the person in charge of the Hangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, "Xun Boda" created three "first": it is the center after the establishment of the first batch of venture capital projects; it is the first "angel security" model of "eat crabs"; it is also the first by the government to guide venture capital fund "on cultural and creative projects".

"the future just open a window, a good day is long, now just beginning." Wang Qiangyu’s goal is to build China’s best mobile community media platform. This time, Wang Qiangyu’s team is busy with the provinces and cities of the 3G operators to discuss cooperation matters, in addition to Zhejiang, as well as Hebei and other 7 provinces and cities.

dream of how much, the stage is how big. According to the company plan, strive to meet the requirements of listing in 2011, at the right time, to become the first Chinese 3G stocks.