T Leaders Summit Robin Li dialogue transcript of Ma Huateng


March 25th, Tencent CEO Ma Huateng (left) and Baidu CEO attended the 2012 IT summit summit dialogue

NetEase science and technology news March 25th news, IT leaders summit held in Shenzhen today in 2012, NetEase technology as a whole strategic cooperation media coverage of the summit. Huai Jinpeng, President of Beihang University, Baidu CEO, Tencent CEO participated in the high-end dialogue this afternoon. Around micro-blog, mobile Internet, talent, internationalization and other issues discussed. The following is the full text of the high-end dialogue record:

Wu Ying: I think we are from the entire IT leaders summit in the main forum in the transformation of the road to our strategy today this dialogue forum, my task is very arduous, we morning high-end dialogue forum is hosted by us beauty Song Shechang. Although I’m not as good as a network of celebrity so strange, but also less than the song lady so beautiful. But I’m trying to make up for the conversation.

first asked the president, you see our IT leadership summit in the transformation of the strategy of the road, can you talk about your opinion?

Huai Peng: Thank you moderator, very pleased to be able to communicate with several chiefs. I have a question, we in the transformation strategy of the road is not a true proposition? As a technology, as the IT in the future, whether the transformation is an objective existence? Second, conventional transformation and what are the different strategies? I understand that IT has been in constant transformation. So we have been exploring the transition from the technical level where the opportunity. We usually speak because of big data, the Internet, the development of cloud computing and pervasive demand, so bring a new opportunity, but there is a problem, software, data, strong strong power is strong, the three mountains is one of the basic problems in application. From PC to computing, to the reality of the technology itself is facing challenges, which is an objective reality.

What is the difference between

second, the strategy of conventional and transformation. In the conventional development, seize the opportunity, but it is more important in the development of transformation, but also the need for extraordinary thinking and creative technology development issues. There will be a lot of new problems. This is my first understanding. First, there is the transformation of IT technology. Second, the transformation of the strategy is different from the traditional way, we do a better quality of things.

I want to take this opportunity to say a story, in nineteenth Century when an American famous physicist, is also a member of the National Academy of Sciences on such a thing, Chinese invented gunpowder, but physics, chemistry is not Chinese invention. We are more focused on the application, see the application, and do not know why it is. This will affect our development. Nations and countries that can only work at the application level have low contribution to world science. Mrs. Thatcher also said that China’s threat, one can only copy other people’s thinking and methods. The way of strategy in transition