Know almost 20 million B round of financing how to build a knowledge sharing community of 6 million

domestic knowledge quiz website has been a new round of financing on the day before, Saif lead investor funds, this round of financing of $20 million, this is the second since 2011 almost know to get another round of financing. Know almost the last round of financing by Qiming investment partners.

how to build a knowledge sharing community of 6 million users to look at the interview before the I dark horse Zhou source.


ten years ago, Zhou Yuan in Shanghai a Canadian foreign companies to write code, and most of the "code rural", although in the world’s most advanced areas of work, but the real change to the outside world is poorly understood.

Spring Festival in 2005, the source of the week in the home, such as roadside, inadvertently bought the IT manager world, but to wait for people who have not come, had to read magazines. There is a report that impressed him deeply, about a lot of changes in the future of the business world of technical variables, but also provides the logic of change, the article mentioned in the part of the change is completed by the programmer.

week for the first time that the source of their original programming is also very powerful, and as a programmer, so long time nothing. So, Zhou Yuan decided to do something bigger in the world discovered (I dark horse: knowing the start of Slogan, it is found that the larger the world ") that he decided to quit after the new year to the programmer’s job," IT manager world "magazine as a reporter.

that year, Baidu just listed, Li Kaifu went to Google, the week that the journalist was regressed can reach a lot of standing on top of a wave of watching the tide roll ", he finally got his wish.

‘s decision to find a bigger world, but also to the fate of the source began to roll Zhou, after accumulating enough experience and insight, he began to try to do something in the field of internet. After the first venture "meta search" failed, he founded the knowledge based question answering community in December 2010. Get to know the innovation works of angel investment founded after almost three months, nearly ten million U.S. dollars to get investment Qiming collar vote a year later. This year, know almost imitation object Quora has now been valued at $900 million, while the industry estimates that almost 200 million dollars worth of valuation.

Zhou Yuan thinks he did the media technology and done and record industry ", the fusion of geek and literary temperament, he created such a knowledge sharing community know almost a choice". Zhou believes that the community should respect the rhythm of the community". In the first two years on the line, almost know the use of invitation system registration. In March 2013, almost open to the public registration. Less than a year, registered users quickly climbed from 400 thousand to 6 million.

knows how to grow into a step by step, the following week for the source of oral sharing:

knows a little bit of inspiration: a story about Apple

before I was a reporter, I wrote code. >