Century nternet to join hands to promote China’s Gomez site optimization process

August 1, 2009, Century Internet and smart USA Network (Gomez) Company signed an agreement, officially announced a strategic partnership to jointly launch the management of the effectiveness of website performance optimization solutions, help enterprises to improve the performance of Chinese Internet website, from the perspective of the user experience website to increase the core competitiveness.

Century Internet is China’s first ISP/IDC service providers and China’s largest telecom neutral Internet infrastructure service provider. Rich management experience of the company to make full use of the 10 years, the integration of internal IDC, CDN, cloud computing and other Internet resources, provide the depth of the website continued optimization consulting services and end-to-end solutions for customer site.

QoWE network (Gomez) is a leading provider of global network application performance management solutions, and is committed to helping companies get a new network experience. Its ExperienceFirst application experience management platform contains a series of monitoring tools, as well as more than 100000 test sites in the world.

Century Internet collaboration with the United States smart network, so that the scope of the Internet to provide Internet access to the effectiveness of management and monitoring services extended from the domestic to the global. In this way, Century Internet company can not only for the domestic web site customers, but also for the international website to provide effective customer management consulting services.

The general manager services Internet management

century Mr. Lian Jiong said: "at present, the trend of internationalization of Chinese website is very obvious, not only the original export-oriented processing manufacturing, outsourcing services, tourism services and other industries in the use of the Internet to actively expand the international business, and now in the financial, government, media and other industries and institutions are also very many actively joined the ranks of the internationalization of the internet. They are very concerned about the effect of the internationalization of its Web site, want to know the situation of foreign users to use their web site. Through the integration of resources in the 21st century, the Internet can solve the problem they face. Both domestic and international users to visit the web site problems, we can be the first time in an accurate and timely manner to inform customers, and give solutions."

The United States

Gomez (Gomez) Company general manager Mr Cheng Yuan said: "China District vianet and Gomez cooperation to provide services and products will be better integration of local and international resources, comprehensive and in-depth help developers, operators and business decision-making management personnel in the design, development, test, deployment and maintenance in the process of monitoring, analyzing and improving the website or web application user experience quality".

domestic IDC market has become increasingly mature, the core function of IDC industry, the difference is not great, but in the process of service quality, continuous improvement, is IDC customers are more concerned about things, the price war is no longer the key to win in the industry, instead of the service and brand.