Simply click to find the local guide this site allows you to get to know other entrepreneurs on the


If you are going to visit

customers and study the market in another city. In the past, you may need to spend several hours in their contacts to find a local person, please help you. But now there’s a free service called Startuptravels. With only a few clicks, you can find a local guide.

the founder of this page for Anders Hasselstrø M. The entrepreneur from Copenhagen often needs to travel to Scotland. Last summer, he suddenly thought of this idea, I think a lot of other entrepreneurs like him will also need help.

, he said: "I have to go back and forth at least two times a month. I realized that during my time in business, I should be in touch with local entrepreneurs. I contacted other entrepreneurs I knew and found that they had the same idea."

his goal is to create a service, so that entrepreneurs can travel in contact with local entrepreneurs. The two sides can simply drink a cup of coffee, you can also ask the other side to help contact local suppliers and other resources. If you are lucky, you can even start a business partnership. To make this idea a reality, Hasselstrø m is linked to developers Henrik Haugbø LLE and Rasmus Frandsen. Three people find all entrepreneurs they know, and conducted a questionnaire survey, they collected more than 250 respondents. The purpose of this survey is to understand the habits and needs of entrepreneurs travel.

received feedback, many people have suggested that they allow users to use LinkedIn information. In fact, they do so, the user can directly use the LinkedIn account for registration and login. After logging in, the user’s work experience and other personal information will be transferred directly from LinkedIn to Startuptravels. And they will be based on the user’s information to add labels to the user, such as early entrepreneurs and investors, etc..

when you determine the location and date of the trip, you can find the same day on the platform of local entrepreneurs. With the increasing number of registrations, Startuptravels will enrich their algorithms, such as to recommend you have similar backgrounds and interests of entrepreneurs.

since the beta version in October last year on the line, Startuptravels has attracted nearly 3000 active users from nearly 120 countries. In the process of web development, Hasselstrø m relies on the developer community to help him save a lot of money, but also get a day