Sina sinaapp com GoDaddy is to forget domain name renewals registered to 2020

A5 ( network owners on July 29th in the afternoon news, currently on the Sina SAE cloud services have been unable to open, DNS cannot open the web page analysis, we can still get: "connection timeout".

is something that micro-blog @ Internet broke the news, Sina’s cloud computing service SAE domain name has expired a month, because of forgotten renew the domain name provider and lead recovery domain, more shame is that GoDaddy has its own domain name registrar will renew until 2020, GoDaddy this is another open

or conspiracy?Sina

official news, Sina said that the two sides are mediation, at present, still belongs to SAE, the failure is due to the GoDaddy domain name registrar own caused by improper treatment: Double renewals to GoDaddy for a refund, but received a return of two funds at the same time…… Sina cloud SAE relevant person in charge of micro-blog responded that renewal is successful, and legal and company dialing are renewals, continued heavy, forensic contact GoDaddy a return there had misunderstood to return, we also have to renew the effect

wait! "

officials said the day before the user can access temporarily can use to access applications, this domain name will always be retained.