National Tourism Administration remediation unreasonable cheap tour named 9 sites rectification inef

news October 31st, the National Tourism Bureau official website information display, the National Tourism Administration in the treatment of "unreasonable low price tour briefing criticized the same way, the way cattle, Ctrip, UTS, ant nest, swim, tail donkey mother, 360 tourism, mango travel etc. 9 tourism enterprises, especially on Ctrip, donkey mother, the same way and commitment to the community after the rectification is not in place to criticise the enterprise.

National Tourism Administration remediation unreasonable cheap tour named 9 sites rectification ineffective

the meeting stressed that to carry out the "unreasonable low price tour" training is a long-term task, we must adhere to the "four simultaneous", namely "group tourism enterprise agency and dejieshe synchronization management, destination and source region investigation, synchronous online and offline synchronization cleaning, focus on regulation and mechanism of normal synchronous propulsion". From now on, the unreasonable low price tour, the regulation will only become more and more stringent, the investigation will be more and more heavy, and will continue to persevere, any enterprise should not feel lucky.

criticized the National Tourism Administration, a number of online travel sites have responded:

Ctrip said recently, Ctrip launched "resolutely resist unreasonable low price tour" action, for suppliers and products from the platform access and supervision against unreasonable low price tour, set price alert, and active more than and 100 alleged unreasonable low price of tourism products off the shelf. In October 30th, in order to further protect the interests of tourists, with the national tourism sector regulation, Ctrip platform to further improve the standard limit, unreasonable low price products will be on-line, and again under a number of alleged unreasonable low price products and suppliers. At the same time, the implementation of the new regulatory rules, a comprehensive report supplier requirements and actively cooperate with the response, work together to resist unreasonable cheap tour". In addition, the search is still on the client and the site to shield low prices, and guide the rational consumption of tourists.


said tuniu positive response to the National Tourism Administration regulation of market order for internal departments to seriously implement the National Tourism Administration of the special rectification action on the company spirit, the price of tourism products comprehensively strengthen the inspection, to travel unreasonably low tourism products on-line examination, on more than and 80 the suspected "unreasonable low price tour products to the shelves.

with respect to the process, said the National Tourism Administration, tourism sites serious breach of trust special rectification, with the way tourism is being developed and will soon introduce a more detailed internal remediation measures. For unreasonable low-cost projects will severely punish product managers, project and risk control person in charge.

donkey mother said, donkey mother "has been set up unreasonable low price tour" special rectification group, CEO personally chaired, technology, business, quality supervision, business management and other department leaders are involved in. Each link adopts the accountability system, daily reporting progress.

National Tourism Administration released information shows that as of now 9 were named criticism >