The largest domestic Witkey network owners to launch customized services

after preparatory tense month, stationmaster net (Admin5) officially join the largest pig Witkey website, and signed a strategic partnership agreement with the pig individual customized gifts Department, the joint efforts of both sides to the webmaster home to provide personalized gifts customized service.

personalized customized gifts, is simply just a photo or a picture, the printing technology, printed on the pillow, T-Shirts, mugs, mirror and other gifts above.

production process is very simple, just a picture can be synthesized on the site can also be directly online synthesis, very convenient and easy to use. In the means of payment are very flexible, the master station DIY service support "Alipay", "easy" this kind of intermediary platform, direct payment support of major Internet banking, solve all the menace from the rear.

in the transportation, we are and the national well-known courier company, 1 pieces for the National Express!

webmaster friends, want to have their own website logo T-shirt? A mug? Pillow? Or the other, quickly look at the station customized.


consulting QQ:215837





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