WeChat enterprise spoiler office software market is facing the Terminator

editor’s note: the original "WeChat enterprise spoiler office software market is facing imminent Terminator?", pointless author Jun (micro signal: i-quan) – Hongkong Internet industry analyst, has also set up their own cross-border O2O project.

according to Tencent two quarter earnings, WeChat’s active users has reached 438 million. Although there is no conference call with analysts on enterprise launch time there is too much ink, but from the inside of the situation like a raging fire, according to the principle of time should not be too long.

WeChat enterprise number is more like a full penetration of the Chinese Internet online game under a blue ocean project. And before the BAT various landing strategy in eating segments "dating" marriage is not the same, the enterprise is not the sight of any individual single industry, but also do not belong to the category of simple media platforms. This hand to some extent the perspective of WeChat’s vision of the final grand pattern.

China Enterprise Cloud office market to support a billion level enterprise does not have what problem, but qualified spoiler has been not much, still have actually become a virgin not yet conquered by the internet. The problem is who can climb along the section of the Xianfeng


alone out of the picture before the beta already can be seen, the office module enterprise, WeChat can subscribe to a series of OA, at the same time to enter the ERP and CRM and other business office software market. These in the PC era we have to buy software installed to solve the office system, to the popularity of smart phones, everyone is down the family of the office of the times has become a kind of shackles. Punch, reimbursement, approval, presentations and a series of office processes, already can carry through the mobile phone terminal should be used to complete the paperless, both mention work efficiency, but also can reduce the human front traveling salesman’s management cost.

in foreign mobile phone enterprise cloud office and cultural development is relatively mature, and I doubt that foreign companies as early as more than and 10 years ago have formed the habit of using the BlackBerry related (remember the 03 years I graduated from the New York bankers who have been staffing a blackberry, even when they are in a new interview crackling down in there to make a stop), can be said that BlackBerry is the portable office in foreign culture and the origin of


in China, although the amount of machine already overtaking in the intelligent mobile phone, in a variety of 2C applications is not much, but in your office culture has been abroad and there is a huge gap. Especially in the service industry and foreign SMEs compared with the industry in this regard is only just getting started, most of the enterprises there is still serious fault between PC terminal and mobile office application in small and medium sized enterprises.

China’s enterprise class Internet can achieve rural Encircling Cities?

enterprise application market potential in China is actually very huge, but only before the era of PC installed software sales model is the result of only large companies have the world. Once the transition to