Talk about the process of doing promotion

in this era of information, a lot of things can be spread through the network. The first time the information on the Internet, to achieve the purpose of promotion.

do promotion, there are also many to note, not a lot of attention may be counterproductive to the website. The home can not be made into the form of animation, it will not only affect the search engine rankings, will also affect the entry page speed. At the same time, the home also try not to use the combination of home made a lot of slicing tool the picture will also affect the search engine. From the current development trend, the status of the search engine in network marketing is still important, and has been recognized by more and more enterprises, search engine marketing has evolved in the continuous development, so we should choose the right way to search engine marketing according to the change of environment.

the same email more common promotion methods, publishing electronic publications, newsletters, professional service providers such as e-mail advertising to customers. To achieve a promotion. This method is feasible, but now there are lots of spam, not to use this way to promote efficiency is very high, but does not rule out can achieve the purpose of promotion.


method is more commonly used in the promotion of cooperation, exchange links, exchange, cooperation, cooperative advertising content of user resources, through the website, with each other to achieve the purpose of promotion are similar to the target site, one of the most common resources cooperation way for Web links strategy, profit between partners site traffic resources cooperation promotion. At the same time, the website promotion information published in other potential users may visit the website, it can achieve the effect. (you love now is used in the Post Bar blog and you can also try to publish information. The same industry website)

network advertising promotion method is competitive ranking and so on, this method I have not used, for the promotion of the industry website can be said to be throwing money, so did not try.

The purpose is to promote the

we can through the network in the era of the Internet can find relevant information. The website traffic is mostly caused by the search engine. Only a small part is the other way with me. So do the promotion of optimizing website content is also very important. The website optimization is actually to each part of the website. Reasonable design, make the site to do the best effect easy to promotion. Give full play to the value of network marketing


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