Amazon direct mail to China electricity supplier who trembles

[Abstract] in August this year, Amazon has just completed its China into China 10 anniversary celebration, but from November onwards, Amazon truly entered the China: no longer is a China local electricity supplier website as careful exploration, but as the international retail giant with global resources to plunge into.

Chinese Amazon direct mail is wolf


in October 29th, Amazon announced the world’s 6 largest site opened Chinese direct mail service, is accompanied by more product selection, faster delivery time and lower cost. At the same time, the more important news, Amazon announced that this year will be double 11 during the trial operation, a new service called the sea. ".

for overseas purchase the most popular explanation is that this is a Chinese version of the American Amazon, is parasitic in the Amazon China (, the initial size will be relatively small.

According to

billion state power network understanding, overseas purchase of goods on all selected from the American Amazon (, and the price of the Amazon from time to time synchronization. But with different orders directly to the American Amazon, overseas purchase will provide a full Chinese page, localized way to buy and China local customer service support. Products include clothing, shoes and boots, mother and baby, beauty makeup, nutrition, protection, outdoor and sports category.


, overseas purchase distribution will be used from the American Amazon direct mail way, time and freight with the United States Chinese consistent Amazon direct mail. In addition, Amazon is actively working with the Shanghai free trade zone to discuss cooperation, try to go stocking mode. If successful, the overseas purchase and distribution limitation from domestic shipments at approximately the same time, freight will further decline.


"American price to buy American goods" is the vast majority of domestic consumers choose "sea Amoy, difficult process and the realization of this" dream "is the purchase, transport, sea Amoy forum, domestic sea Amoy stations and other formats to the birth of soil. However, Amazon direct mail and comprehensive culture in the United States Chinese Amazon may will fundamentally destroy the soil.

an industry to the billion state power network China said, Amazon direct mail solution is the "buy" and "buy cheap", but for most ordinary Chinese consumers, there is still a high threshold, for example, be familiar with the English, have a dual currency credit card payment. So the real killer is Amazon’s overseas purchase, because it is to solve the "convenient to buy" and "buy low threshold" problem.

purchasing really sheep into the wolf mouth?

Chinese who will bear the brunt of the Amazon direct mail, there is no doubt that the purchasing and transportation?.

CEO Linhai geek sea Amoy network for billion state power network said that the current domestic consumers to buy direct overseas electricity supplier or by purchasing overseas to buy electricity supplier business.