NetEase server suspected hacking page has been hit NetEase home page


NetEase server suspected hacking

sina science and technology news on February 16th afternoon news, NetEase server is suspected of hacking today, an old topic related pages were hacked. However, the hacker was identified as an attack, insisted that no similar initiatives. NetEase also said it was invaded by third party partners, and the NetEase itself has nothing to do.

today there are friends sent a message that NetEase related pages suffered hacking. View the invasion of NetEase website, you can see a black red line based on the page, the middle of the word Hacked display has been compromised.

only accesses the secondary domain name, will jump to the NetEase news page.

information from the page to see, suspected and a net name, China small A hacker related. You can see in the small A personal space, which includes a number of websites at home and repeatedly invaded by Japan and the United States, and leave the sites after the shots, which is similar with the black style page break after NetEase.

, however, a small A in connection with the Sina Technology, denied the attack on NetEase.

for the above, Sina technology has made contact with NetEase. In response to the NetEase later said that an old topic affected page from 2008, which is called the third party partner content is attacked, resulting in abnormal access denied, the system is compromised.

access to the date when the page has been hacked to jump to the home page of NetEase. (Meng Hong)