Wind tight yellow application by what some dead while others can be listed


] our secret all night after an accident, I wanted to write an article on "suddenly was shut down by the site’s most popular" a little easier manuscript. But the actual collection of materials, I found that this can tell things far from. Why do these gray areas of science and technology companies repeatedly ban Mo street against the gun artifact about the hat, actually very wrong, but it is a lot of tall WeChat did a lot of things. Why? At the end of the article there is an egg, too "disharmony" is too wonderful, is not willing to throw, when is the right as a gift to a faithful reader, beware of pornographic and violent



there are some websites is loved by the people, but for some reason was closed. But things are far from over: more similar applications, the site came out, a bit like Lu Xun in the "medicine" wrote, "I fell down, thousands of people I stand up".


from "from" to be announced, the report was a large number of police raids, and then to be pornography do qualitative for dissemination of pornographic information is being investigated, less than a month, it took seven years to build Indoorsman "Temple", suddenly collapsed. It is said that pornography Nora has to do to pay attention for a long time, took a lot of people, the industry report. Fast broadcast video piracy, "people in the industry do not report to normal; the child caught Nora parents to report is reasonable; but I believe there must be a large number of" traitors to the people "the end on the back foot to thank LZ, police report. Ask the masses to reflect on themselves.

before Nora was investigated, after the thunder clouds and kneel to survive. The day before the rumors spread thunder cloud seeding is checked, in fact it is thunder "active adjustment", said the company actively cooperate with the national "non playing yellow sweep net net 2014 special action is also disclosed, and resolutely resist any pornographic content may involve copyright issues.

China version of anonymous social applications "secret" was the apple off the shelf, there are two possible reasons: first, the secret was flooded with malicious rumors, yellow information, forwarded 500 minute thing. Second, but also more reliable argument, because the United States secretly copied the original Secret was reported, Apple App store to do the next frame processing.

however materialistic, there must be brave, can not stop the secret under the frame of YY, the enthusiasm of pops. Focus on the field of gaming YY has launched a low-key similar applications private circle in the major Android market shelves. From the front flap core team to build the "ha ha" also recently launched. It is said that "ha ha" anonymous social acquaintances introduced friends intimacy, can effectively circumvent the problem of malicious rumors and anonymous social acquaintances through algorithm. What are you going to do?.

but there are always a number of sites, the application is that we feel sure to be closed, the fact is that it not only survived successfully, but also live more and more moisture.