Xie Wen nternet does not believe the tears of traditional media should be rapid transformation in 3

three years ago, was invited to introduce several new media in the traditional media circles. Not because of false cises, leaving no illusions, irk friends. In the past three years, all sorts of prophecies have come true, and I don’t know what these friends are doing today.

traditional media, especially the decline of print media is a common phenomenon in the world. Due to the distance between system support and modernization, the decline of Chinese traditional media is behind the United States for five to seven years. The print media (including newspapers, magazines and books) total income, employee size and social influence in 2007 and reached a peak, and then decreased at an average rate of ten percent per year, today is probably at about half the peak period. 35 years later, the United States media market decline rate will decline, the total income (to remove the influence of the rate of inflation), employee size and social influence reduced to a peak of about 1/3, and then continue to slowly decline.

although the late five to seven years, the decline of Chinese traditional media should be similar to the u.s.. 2011 is probably the print total income, employee size and social influence of the peak years, from 2012 began to decline, the downward trend is more obvious in 2013. Believable statistics it is difficult to see, but many news industry, income drop and employee turnover rate is controllable print quality, more income is the sharp decline and a large number of staff turnover, low morale, declining market share. After 35 years, total revenue, employee size and market share fell to about half of the peak period, should not be too outrageous expectations. The film industry will peak around three years will come, and then it will step into the quick footsteps down the track.

in the face of such a trend, the traditional media industry finally put down the noble figure, gradually formed a consensus must be in transition. However, in the direction of the transition, what kind of transformation of the road on the issue, the consensus is far from being formed, the phenomenon of false transformation or chaos can be found everywhere, a rare transformation of the real.

in recent years, some traditional media composed of state-owned media group in the capital level, wantonly shot acquisition of network game company, or to enter the real estate industry and financial industry profits, is called the transformation effort. In fact, this is only the behavior of asset allocation, even if doing more, but also on the change in asset control, not only does not help the transformation of the existing traditional media, there is no new assets and the original assets of organic contact. This may be used to cope with the superior, that is to optimize the assets, the value of state-owned assets to maintain and increase value; may be able to keep the group management team’s job, and gradually clear the traditional media assets. However, this has nothing to do with the media transformation, most can be regarded as by false face job transition.

is more common is the traditional media to replace the whole media strategy to the new media transformation disorder. The application of many media put a lot of resources to do a website and mobile phone client, copy paper media content to the internet. If these efforts as the transition training, or transformation of the warm-up phase, but if you think it is the transition of new media. "