One hundred billion market Denver traditional enterprise net by outsourcing business

there are many indications that e-commerce services industry is ushering in the golden age of its development. According to Ali Research Center released the "2011 China e-commerce service industry report" shows: it is expected that in 2015, Chinese e-commerce services revenue will exceed trillion yuan scale, then China will have the world’s largest e-commerce service industry leading.

just heard a case, Taobao flagship store shop sales operations Hagendasi hosting, investment 500 thousand yuan Taobao advertising, produced only 60 thousand yuan in sales, and then handed over to a TP (business service provider) operation, improve the user experience, Taobao has invested 60 thousand yuan, 300 thousand yuan of sales. International big name and how, not familiar with Taobao water, not outsourcing, sales may also be poor."

this is a well-known brand on the line of the network review. In fact, many of the traditional brand existence of network channels is very low threshold, easy understanding of online sales, this situation is particularly evident in 2009, many enterprises have reached Taobao, hit a million yuan in advertising, but the result is not satisfactory. Operating on the Taobao network platform for several years, some of the electricity supplier began to transform the store operators outsourcing, outsourcing electricity supplier has become a climate.

from the traditional enterprise electricity supplier "The climate does not suit one."

outsourcing has established platform, logistics system configuration and corresponding staff complete business operation system, can greatly reduce the construction cost of the enterprise online, but also can quickly enter the state of operation, double play the advantages of online and offline channel management.

With the development of the national

online shopping era, after the 2009 test period, the enterprise from BELLE, Galanz, Suning and other local, to Procter & Gamble, WAL-MART and other international giants and large enterprises, the threshold channel platform low natural advantages, many coveted e-commerce huge amount of potential for the development of the traditional enterprise or dark waiting in the wings, or desire for a war and overweeningly ambitious.

in fact, driven by a variety of subjective and objective factors, no electricity supplier, no business has become a consistent choice for global companies. In the electricity market is more developed in the U.S. for example, the online retailer ranked more than half of the top ten in both traditional business B2C website, the industry giant with its brand and various resources advantage, quickly occupied the commanding heights of industry, the picture can be expected good performance also confirms the traditional enterprise "net".

compared to mature markets in Europe and America, at this stage of China’s electricity supplier Top10 is almost all pure electricity supplier companies. However, insiders generally believe that: either online, or the Internet, e-commerce has become the enterprise standard is to represent the general trend. IResearch believes that although the industry needs to be further developed and mature, in the next few years, China’s e-commerce pattern is likely to be a new force – that is, the traditional enterprises to break.

, however, the vision is good, from the traditional enterprise into electricity >