The layout of the smart health industry big apple and big Penguin Shututonggui

apple in the autumn as in the past held a new conference, people waiting for the iphone6 finally available. From the apple conference, apple is no longer just around the phone to enhance the product, more people around to build application scenarios. One of the most important of all, Apple announced the intelligent health management platform Healthkit and smart home management platform Homekit. Coincidentally, in recent years, Tencent launched QQ5.1 version of the phone has also joined the health center feature, the main intelligent health social platform. In the two big companies so neat line behind, what is hidden?

apple and Tencent in the field of intelligent hardware "agree without prior without previous consultation"

in the past few years, Apple has been a mobile phone bomber, can be said to have been imitated, never been beyond". In the early years, under the powerful aura of Jobs, Apple’s phone has always been the same as God – Apple is no longer a mobile phone, it is a work of art. Nouveau riche or grass root or, too many people want to have a iPhone lifting force.

But these

in Yu extension view, behind apple is over deification, from the beginning iPhone5 has fallen from the altar, all things. So, no matter how iPhone’s glossy coat, it is just a better use of the mobile phone, or the best use of the mobile phone, Apple really decided now and the future development is the ecological system behind it. The conference, IOS8 will add a unified health application platform Healthkit, as well as smart home management platform Homekit, the use of mobile phones to connect smart devices. From here, apple is really the people around to build products, not only to be more convenient, but also more scientific, more services. In recent years, smart health applications and smart home, smart devices are hot topics, too many startups gathered in these areas.

coincidentally, also launched the latest mobile phone QQ version 5.1 in September 10th, this version of heavy launch of "health management" function, create a new "social and health" platform. This strategy and iphone6 health management function can be said to agree without prior without previous consultation. A large number of third party applications and intelligent hardware will access the phone QQ, to meet the needs of users in all aspects of the health field. Health center using QQ account system, open up different applications, different brands of intelligent hardware, to solve the problem of the past with the same type of application and hardware data can not be interactive. The user’s health data can be directly shared with QQ friends, or to the space and circle of friends.

science and technology industry giants also launched two new products, and new products are focused on health management platform. As a leader in the field of hardware, starting from the hardware; another as the Internet giant, starting from the social. The two companies also layout intelligent health industry, we can envision the development of intelligent health in the future. (please.