Nora 260 million tickets officially opened overdue payment of about 7 million 800 thousand

every reporter Bai Yajing from Shenzhen

yesterday (June 26th) afternoon, the administrative penalty decision (hereinafter referred to as the decision) was officially sent to Nora headquarters in Shenzhen, 260 million yuan ticket immediate effect. This means that the domestic history of the disposal of the biggest ticket infringement officially opened in January after the uproar. According to the "daily economic news" reporter, behind this huge fines, not only countries punish piracy factors, but also the looming online video industry "encirclement and suppression" situation.

maximum ticket

yesterday, the "daily economic news" reporter Nora is located in Shenzhen high tech park headquarters to see, there are two floors of Nora corporate headquarters, although in the 22 layer of only 5, 6 people go to work, but there are more people in the 23 layer, seems to still work. Thus, the reporter asked a staff member Nora Nora Nora is still normal operation, it said, the server has long been closed, but also what operations". Reporters continue to ask the Department of the game situation, the staff will not answer, hurried away.

market supervision administration of Shenzhen Municipality (hereinafter referred to as the Shenzhen municipal market supervision bureau) Inspection Brigade enforcement officers served at Fang Canyu said after the "decision", the "decision" to maintain "before the date of hearing this book" quasi penalties, fines of 260 million yuan Nora, Nora and should be paid within 15 days and if it fails to pay, a daily penalty fine of 3% of the total. This is the biggest ticket to the infringement case. According to reporters rough estimate, if overdue, will be fined more than 7 million 800 thousand yuan per day.


260 million yuan punishment Nora can of the agency’s objection, or to the Guangdong Bureau of press and publication of Shenzhen municipal government to apply for administrative reconsideration or directly to the people’s court, but according to Fang Canyu said, during the administrative reconsideration or litigation, the administrative punishment decision not to stop the execution.

the "daily economic news" 26 reporters at the scene learned that Nora headquarters, the "decision", "Nora company without the permission of the rights, through its operating Nora player software to the public dissemination of the" Beijing love story "24 film and television dramas."

According to the

before the "daily economic news" reported that the Shenzhen Market Supervision Bureau of policy and regulation department director Ceng Yaodong introduced the amount of illegal business "Nora is derived by the copyright violations of the market the average price calculation. This means that the Bureau identified 24 alleged infringement of the film and television works, it is determined that the company Nora about 87 million yuan of illegal business volume based on the key. On the hefty fines, the reporter interviewed a number of previous reports of the law said that this is mainly due to the January 2013 implementation of the new "Regulations for the implementation of copyright law" before and may impose a fine of 100 thousand yuan is amended as "illegal business turnover of more than 50 thousand yuan, can be more than 1 times the amount of illegal business 5 times the fine".



from the end of last year, Nora has been >