Pit dad’s service provider finally know the site was K reasons

today on the Internet to see the beauty of the orange shield Baidu spider error operation, resulting in tens of thousands of domain names were K events. Because all of the sites in our company are beautiful orange service providers, which we have deep feelings, I will talk about our website by K and.

in the afternoon of December 26th the company’s Web site can not be a normal visit, in the United States orange customer service complaints in the afternoon, afternoon, intermittent access is not normal. Arrived at 9 in the evening to normal access. The snapshot site in December 28th stopped in December 26th, usually is the snapshot snapshot of the website are parked in December 26th, obviously feel Baidu included time longer, the usual update is the second, then updated for a long time not included. After all, things are getting worse. After the new year’s Day holiday did not pay too much attention to things. After new year’s Day found that the site is not included in the update, this time the situation is getting worse, the snapshot still stay in December 26th. In January 5th, a bolt from the blue, all websites are K, Baidu snapshots have been deleted, Baidu included all been removed, although Baidu index unchanged, but is not put out. This time we began to find the cause, we think out of the chain, the content is a problem, then we put the basic site chain are deleted, the chain is easy to find out? After the update and maintain the chain, although the daily updated Baidu are included, but basically every 24 an hour later will be deleted, we find this is very distressed. Until 11, our station has slowly included, only a snapshot, when I thought it was our sincere move Baidu. Today, it was discovered that the United States orange Internet practice caused by our website was K.


at least in the last many days we have been thinking that we caused by K in what’s wrong with the optimization of the above, for the beautiful orange bulletin is also to see today, I wonder, such a large service providers, his fault caused the loss of the webmaster, can send a a notice will be able to get throught a thing carelessly our website is restored, some did not restore the site, how to do what the webmaster, where service providers responsible


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