A local forum was set up in March by Baidu two K to the collection of 3 hours

Dongguan 100

network was established 3 months included why so high, in fact, many owners have to share the weight of how to improve, how to improve the included, is actually 99 next contact network, but has been a rookie, the website also is just a hobby, adhere to a principle is critical. That is the needs of Internet users is the key. Like hao123, if some simple website for IT guies almost does not contain what technical content, but in the China on both sides of the Changjiang River no wonder. Hao123 is actually a good grasp of the web site, a web site for the most needs of users. The success of Dongguan’s networking can be summarized as follows:

1 domain: first of all, a good domain name, the domain name www.cctv0769.com is particularly good in mind, this is our first CCTV Chinese, media, CCTV can be described as adults and children no wonder no one knows it, followed by 0769 of the code of Dongguan, the first impression seems to be CCTV in Dongguan station such a good domain name naturally easier for users than any promotion are gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, at the same time, many people see this website will not think this is rubbish station, this is a good shade tree back to the typical case.

2 positioning: the goal of the website is very clear, is the Dongguan local community portal first network, so the website all around the native, including opening some towns community forums, users are most concerned about the consumption discount information, users are most concerned about the part-time information, which grabbed the users the needs of the Internet, allows users to quickly love on this site, which lays the foundation for the future profitability of website.

3 promotion: because the site from Dongguan famous website "Dongguan group purchase www.dgtg.net" capital and become the largest shareholder of the website, has brought the original development of the capital for the site, at the same time link in Dongguan group purchase forum every page has the Dongguan networking, every day brings more than 1000 IP for Dongguan network, which has become a the first big power networking promotion, then networking through Baidu, GOOGLE respectively keywords promotion, and large-scale publicity through the QQ group, brought plenty of popularity for the 100 network. 100 networking also regularly organize some party activities to expand the interactive users, and distributed more than 200 thousand copies of the street name card the propaganda, improve the visibility of.


4 leaders: a good website cannot do without a good management team, a good team with a good leader. The first hundred network moderators are more loyal, but this is a very large web site to a fortune, a good webmaster must have a good attitude, to have the courage to accept the criticism of others advice. Dongguan Internet webmaster Zhao Lizhong is set in a halo and honor, have been directly affected by the vice chairman of national acclaim by CCTV and well-known media and Newspaper >