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3· this year; 15 on the eve of the U.S. group, handle, F group, group purchase websites have launched the "full refund expired" and "7 days unconditional refund policy. U.S. mission network CEO Wang claimed that consumers not expired consumer group purchase coupons, group purchase amount of consumption accounted for 5%-10%, which is part of the money can not give businesses, there is no back to the consumer, the means of income group purchase website.

In order to enhance the attractiveness of

group purchase website, the current mainstream of the group purchase website established the refund system, but this has received many complaints, reflecting the group purchase website while commitment expired refund, but customer service call or email, ignore, or repeated procrastination, refund time delayed, group purchase website expired refund is still the problem.

phone can not get through the mail

Shanghai Miss Dai told "IT times" reporter in February of this year, his group purchase of F clusters "panic buying 6 yuan price 48 yuan smooth playing snooker billiards club at 2 hours", March, Miss Dai attending the F mission of the "49 yuan panic buying price 216 yuan premium package Cambridge foot". These two groups were on April 20th and expires in May 9th, Miss Dai busy because there has been no time to spend.

F group commitment expired refund, but it has been a long time, and did not give me a refund. I have been playing the phone, that is, I can not get in, the message is also left, the message has been sent, the contact is left, is ignored." Miss Dai angrily told reporters. Angrily, Miss Dai in the group purchase site navigation "specific mission 800" launched a complaint, it caused the attention of group F, F group staff said to miss Dai for refund, but only refund to F group account inside. In March, the group received a refund, but until June 1st, the group has not yet received a refund of the purchase in February." Miss Dai told reporters. In this regard, F group public relations department told reporters that the recent surge in the amount of consulting, resulting in customer service phone can not be connected in time. Daily economic news reporter saw, in the major forums to buy a refund of the complaint is the most after-sales service phone is always out of reach, which makes many consumers lose their patience for refund.

repeatedly delayed refund period

similar to miss Dai suffered more than one, according to the group’s 800 site survey shows that the group is difficult to buy a total of of the total number of complaints, located in the first category of all complaints. 90 yuan 100 yuan mobile prepaid group purchase another Mr. Zhang said in April 27th he participated in the organization of the 24 ticket card project, the site for 72 hours after the arrival of group purchase commitments, but the site was again and again three to modify the group purchase end period, from April 28th to May 2nd and then extended until May 8th.

customer service hotline "very difficult to fight, finally opened up a customer told me that they had submitted to China Mobile, please wait for a moment, I said the number is not Shanghai mobile number, can not be submitted, only refund. But my number obviously belongs to Shanghai Mobile