nternet business agent contract

  Party A:

Party B:

both parties will cooperate to carry out Internet based business, Party B agrees to Party A Party B proxy domain name registration, virtual host, enterprise post office, website and other related business, the two sides reached and agreed to comply with the following provisions:

1 Party A’s rights and obligations

1.1 Party A shall be a legal person or a person with full capacity for civil rights and conduct. Party A shall be aware of the Internet service, with the knowledge of providing services, and be familiar with the provisions of Party B, products, business processes and other information.

1.2 a customer to provide domain name registration, virtual host, enterprise post office, website and other related services, Party A shall be responsible for customer development and market development, in the agency business to provide good service to customers, not to the interests of Party B and unfair means to damage the reputation of the customers and Party B.

1.3 party to ensure that policies, laws and regulations and their client’s website does not violate the People’s Republic of China, shall not engage in gambling, pornography, reactionary website, party a breach of this obligation caused losses to Party B, Party A shall bear the responsibility for compensation.

1.4 party a must read and really understand B on its website (www.____________, the same below) all posted on the Internet based business management system, and strictly abide by the system, as well as in the business entrusted to Party B, in full accordance with the provisions of the system in operation is required to submit the correct and complete data and carried out correctly step. Party A has the obligation to regularly browse the website of Party B, and to understand the latest changes in the Internet based business management system.

1.5 Party A Party B in

through its application for membership number management on behalf of the customer ordering service, at the same time, Party A agree, the customer has the right to choose the agent, if party a reasonable customer service management requirements will be transferred to other agents or membership number, as long as all services provide a complete application by Party B the operation rules of membership number transfer documents required and relevant formalities, Party B will provide this service, Party A should not be a cause of customer flow to Party B any objection.

1.6 party registered as a member of the service management contact in the B site of electronic mail and other contact information should be provided in this contract contact information, when the electronic mailbox, a contact address, contacts and other information changes, timely notification to Party B shall fax (unit shall be notification on the proxy the signature and stamped with the official seal of legal representative and a valid copy of business license, individual agents must be in notification sign and attach a copy of ID card; under special circumstances according to Party B in the manner required) notify Party B to be updated. Party A shall be responsible for the loss of Party A due to Party A’s failure to notify Party B of updating the contact information in time.