10 picture read BAT nternet plus layout the future really is to three points in the world

mobile Internet is undoubtedly a hot spot in China’s economic life, it is profoundly changing our lives. And, we also found that there are more and more emerging mobile Internet Co or behind the model, are flashing the shadow of the big three BAT. Through continuous acquisitions, layout, BAT to enter the mobile terminal operations more quickly, more extensive coverage of almost Everything is contained therein.

Internet era changes


BAT three giants in the layout of the mobile Internet


Behind the giant

action meaning


BAT is walking in the forefront of the development of China Mobile Internet, three of them have their own advantages, are holding the trump card of their own: Baidu’s biggest advantage is the product + platform, its layout has been in force, all products have begun to produce synergistic effect, the future will hiSoft attention and become bigger and stronger; Tencent with QQ and WeChat, and WeChat is also accelerating the commercialization process, it is said that next to the O2O layout; although the lack of experience in the mobile terminal layout Ali, but because of strong capital and acquired many emerging companies, and also began to integrate resources. However, I just want to ask: what BAT do, there are others how to play