Portal micro blog war has been off Ma Huateng Ding Lei did not play and will continue to when Zhan

this is not surprising, following the withdrawal of micro-blog Tencent business, NetEase is also announced the closure of micro-blog business.

according to NetEase micro-blog page shows that they are to remind users to migrate to micro-blog LOFTER data (NetEase light blog) to save the original micro-blog content. This means that micro-blog will completely shut down.

users want to God on the NetEase the NetEase known, micro-blog closed nature is not to be missed. NetEase micro-blog recently launched "my NetEase and micro-blog these years" topic, NetEase users said "this is the first micro-blog I registered since the last one is micro-blog, heard to shut down, to take a bubble, NetEase, micro-blog, goodbye!"

is either the NetEase or Tencent, to give up the micro-blog business is just a matter of time, from the beginning they did not Zhandexianji, after the action is also frequently follow the trend of decline, be like already revealed. As the Guangzhou Daily said:

micro-blog business is only the major portals to follow suit. In 2006, micro-blog’s "ancestor" the birth of twitter; in August 2009, Sina launched the first step, Sina micro-blog beta version, in the 2010~2011 period, Sina micro-blog in the limelight, beat tencent. In March 24, 2011, Baidu’s market capitalization over Tencent, which lost the first five years of the first Chinese Internet company market capitalization of the title, Tencent had to re enter the micro-blog market.

more than four years later, NetEase and Tencent micro-blog never catch up with competitors, in March 27, 2014, Sina micro-blog was renamed "micro-blog", and a month later in the u.s..

portal micro-blog now left Sohu micro-blog is still competing with sina micro-blog. Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang personally admitted micro-blog’s defeat and proposed innovation strategy. Micro-blog is the standard configuration of the network dissemination of this era, the social network in China has not yet fully formed the form, innovation will often subvert the established ideas. Sohu micro-blog and Sohu platform may be the next innovation drivers."

but innovator Charles Zhang seems to have his melancholy, a Sohu, micro-blog is stuck in March 3, 2014, Sohu and Tencent merged with the video video rumor.

so the question is: when will Zhang Zhaoyang stick to that?