Review and case 2007 webmaster common deception

lunar new year in 2008 is approaching, it is time to prepare for the new year. Today we come to the last year, some of the tricks of the webmaster of common review and case.

a website advertising friendship connection is easy to be used by third party crooks

the trick is as follows: 1 first by "A liar website", let the ads or links. Look at how the effect of 2 liar cheat again to buy advertising people, customers see their ads have been put on the money into the liar account. 3 then, liar pay the cost for A website. 4.A web site and then withdraw advertising or links. 5 buyers in silence. To avoid and prevent such fraud methods are:

1 site owners to have a sense of security, we must adhere to the first paragraph after the advertising.

if the two sides do not trust, can through Alipay or Admin5 payment intermediary.

2 buy advertising customers also have a sense of safety, be sure to specify the site’s advertising account or contact for the transaction object.

two: SMS alliance, no payment or deduction.

Usually pay attention to the credit of

alliance, but some union still take chances without reason or no reason to refuse to pay the amount deducted. Suggests that a minority coalition is transparent in all terms. It is also recommended that the owners did not violate the provisions of their own circumstances, the choice of a certain strength or credibility of the alliance advertising.

three: some of the famous liar online occasionally some activities, the owners need to guard against.

, such as Qian Chunxi, according to some signs and some enthusiastic users of the wire to see. Although the recent little deception, but also often removed from the network. There are borrowed account information may cheat so webmaster trading, also have more prevention, as far as possible through various forms to avoid being possible. Such as: through the engine to collect their information in order to determine the credibility of the initial record, or through a more secure form of intermediary transactions, etc..

four: before the transaction did not seriously understand and discuss in detail, after the transaction is still a dispute.

this is not a liar, more than 100 yuan of private transactions online. For example, buy a small program, small software, templates, art, etc.. These disputes are not seriously understood before the transaction and detailed discussions, but after the transaction is difficult to reconcile disputes. Even in the two sides match the rights forum. Of course, there are some, pay attention to integrity, the courage to take the responsibility of the owners take the initiative to remedy their mistakes. Hope that these webmaster friends can have a security awareness through the intermediary transactions.

five: the use of Baidu news engage in traffic fraud

The trick is to:

Baidu, Google News cooperation first, then immediately sell big traffic. Immediately after the sale of domain name replacement. So far, there have been two webmaster deceived. Amount of more than 10 thousand, the amount is very large, the consequences are very