Straw event to see where to go

My name is

tension is engaged in network marketing planning, the website also get points may invest more than some successful webmaster, did not want to write what advice, do not want to mix the water. But today’s chat with the straw makes me feel like I have to write something. If you think I was right when I talk nonsense.

the first to write a write event today straw points: the article today issued straw worthy of you so excited? It was worth you? Perhaps affects some of you some interest. But straw, after all, is not authoritative, worthy of you so called flame? I believe that straw is written out of good intentions, the article, I hope you will become a reality when there is a prevention. This is the webmaster nets for all care, we remind elder brother straw straw! What is wrong? But an article so small like a ripple, you scolded, I think we feel the need to calm down and think about it? If you believe the straw to make early prevention. Don’t believe the straw will continue to do their own station. After you earned lose is their own choice, to do according to their own choice why care about others in an article, if such an article will change your mind, I believe this article is not what other factors will change your mind, because you will be too weak to think the straw! Influence of the interests of their people, I think it is not that Robin Li is not a groundless statement, straw Ma Huateng is not what the academic authority, his article will not play much role to the environment, but will not affect the long-term interests of your


for straw elder brother also not because someone else was just for a while to go to resign? As for you, since you sent the article, it should be the courage to face other people’s comments, you might think you wronged, but thousands of years to tell the truth are not recognized by others so wronged many people go write, write to think of it, do not do to others, as long as you can have a clear conscience.

finally to map the king and the entire station network, you should remember the purpose is to build Chinese webmaster information center, trading center, Wangzhuan center, training center. Don’t let this become webmaster for several IP soft station, I believe that no webmaster is holding the soft attitude to your webmaster network, the grassroots webmaster here to watch the helpful information to them, learn some of their useful knowledge, grasp the point of Wangzhuan skills. If you are Adsense nets every day to the station door learn what, I believe everyone will come, I mention a few of my views, if you cannot accept as nonsense:

1, the establishment of the core content of the site, so that we come to the site before I know what I’m going to do (do not like now a lot of webmaster in order to send soft Wen)

2, to improve the guidance of the original weight of the article, in the recommendation of the inside of the point of the multi point less guidance lace. (to establish their own website is the direction of the master of the Chinese learning)

3, training and more talk about the real point of less empty, in fact, can be seen on the basis of SEO