Buy the remaining Wang Xing in the worst times do the right thing


in January this year, the United States Mission network headquarters moved to Beijing, Wangjing international R & D park. In the north and south two building four layer conjoined buildings, because the decoration smell not dispersed, people have to open the window office, most people are wearing down jacket, occasionally walking around wearing masks are exaggerated. The group had decorated the new office in Silicon Valley full taste, everything is simple, including CEO Wang, executive has no independent office. In particular, they have 101 meeting rooms, each named group in order to capture the beauty of a city name.

taking into account the headquarters of the United States has only more than 1 thousand people, these meeting room seems a bit exaggerated. But if you think of the past 4 years occurred in the group buying industry, the first day of the rapid changes in the city and almost crazy competition, which is not too much for the past three years. And in accordance with the naming of a city in a conference room, is not enough – the United States has covered more than and 200 cities in china. In March the new office settled soon, the U.S. mission network announced that their group purchase in 165 to sit on the site of the first city location, the overall market share accounted for 52.4%. 2013, the transaction amount of 16 billion yuan.


is a unilateral data, but there is no question of the company. In 3 years ago, the industry had to buy a group of more than 5 thousand companies. Now, enter the era oligarchs group purchase is a foregone conclusion, the U.S. group, public comment, rice, handle, Wo Wo Group 5 companies occupy more than 90% market share, the U.S. group is the undisputed leader.

manufacturing all of this has recently been frequently referred to Wang, many of whom are direct competitors. The first is from Li Guoqing, the end of March, CEO the playfully known of the "financial world" magazine reporter laments: "in a city can be the first to understand, so many Chinese group purchase website, so many city, how to make the first U.S. group have done


second is Zhang Zhidong. In April 10th CTO announced his resignation from the Tencent, Tencent, Zhang Zhidong FuPan when losing the war for the United States Mission example. He pointed out that the Tencent did not invest Wang, but in 2011 a joint venture with Groupon to do friends eat a lot of bitterness". "The United States is releasing huge amounts of energy. The essence of China’s group buying industry, Wang Xing’s understanding beyond the Tencent and Groupon. Do buy, Wang Xing must be stronger than Ma and Ma Huateng."

look, the outside world is changing in the past for Wang Xing impression, once, Wang Xing is considered to be the Chinese Internet circle the most famous and the most embarrassing serial entrepreneur, he single handedly built a school, not rice, is regarded as Chinese Facebook and Twitter, but always but got up early to catch a late set. Keep on fighting. Even comments directed at Wang Xing is a typical technical man, with vision and ability, but too simple, not management. Wang Xing did not have the slightest sign of the electricity supplier, most of his start-up team is from the rice without the technical engineers, but also full