Cheng Binghao talk about entrepreneurship 200 thousand in the year to buy the domain name is everyo


Kaixin001 why we find such a domain name can also be? Because we think that if someone got the domain name, can have what harm to us? It may affect some of’s own user input, but we have a "happy" this two word mark, we feel that even if there is a rival, it is not happy, as long as it is not happy, then I think there is no effect on what we have, influence is little effect.

November 25th, by the entrepreneur to create a dark horse salon ninth held in Beijing garage coffee, happy net CEO Cheng Binghao at the scene with nearly a hundred entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurial experience. In the interactive session, entrepreneurs ask, happy net domain 001 (Kaixin001), also made a happy net attack you, reportedly caused 30 million loss of users, the biggest lesson is to bring you what? For entrepreneurs can learn what is the point? Entrepreneurs in the state is weak, how to deal with those big companies on their existing resources to plunder


Cheng Binghao recalled in detail the happy network was the whole process of sniper network, and said, we will certainly have some experience. The following is a review of the full text:

we are doing happy nets, want to name happy nets, and we like the name, first, we feel happy; second, we feel to open the heart, to open.

we love this name, so I decided to call the name, and then to buy the domain name, the domain name (was) very expensive, it is in a special domain name reselling companies, or American, we also get the English contact with the Americans, he said the price is $200 thousand, and he said never bargain, we cannot bargain with him is useless. The key to this $200 thousand for our start-up company is still a very difficult to imagine the figures, I venture capital is my own 3 million yuan. Thanks to Sina, this is my 9 years of sweat and blood work at sina.

I think this will be 3 million yuan to buy the server is not what to say, we divided two times to buy 100 servers, buy 200th servers, once our home real estate license and this I do not think what a pity. But I think I have to give so much money to a domain name


we felt that, first, we want a good we are a SNS site, we will not do marketing, nor do marketing, we are relying on friends to develop friends, when we put these plans are ready, we rely on the user to develop the user, when we think of domain name not too important, we feel sure it would be nice to have a simple domain name, but not the decisive factor, so we had.