China nternet Watch Trust Crisis Analysis

      the Internet has been widely used in people’s daily life and national economic construction because of its fast speed and low cost. But some people use some of the shortcomings of the network to publish false information, access to bad interests.

      one of the best in all the land known as bloggers eldest brother Bo, through the media hype after fame through QQ group huh illegal trading of bonds, many netizens cheated. Now let’s analyze why this happens. In a bull market, which stocks are up, so no matter how you analyze your right. After others read his blog post, I think it is the case, with the reality of some similar, over time, others will have a certain degree of trust in you. Of course, it’s just a little difficult to convince others that he has been able to convince others that he is an analyst with the ability of stock analysts to be an insider of a large state-owned bond. Based on the Internet, everything is virtual, when you say you are a professor, in reality, you are a bad guy, you are a professor of others first impression, as long as it does not meet he will never reveal your true identity, perhaps he and several other identities. Ha ha, the Internet is like this, there is no real fixed identity, which is an important reason for the emergence of a crisis of confidence. But what are the consequences of such a thing? That is, people will be more and more do not believe the network.

      as a personal webmaster, should be a lot of people know a person who can understand! He’s a brain senior old liar, he claims that training can make your site a day can get considerable income, you get a lot of money in the past that he says can not achieve in your hand 99.9%, but the site is easy to K. Of course, is he saying it’s all fake? Also, the use of some principles can be achieved, but the probability of being detected is 95%. In his eyes, can realize his interests, with this will not consider your risk, because he is in pursuit of conscience in counting money hand cramps. These people have lost the basic principle of being human. I am ashamed of the existence of such people in China’s internet. This is another source of online trust crisis: the loss of human nature and morality. In addition, the mentality of the webmaster is also the cause of such an event, remember that the world can not fall pie.

      trust crisis is the most obvious in e-commerce. Now what Alibaba to engage in what it is because of this program integrity crisis has affected the development of electronic commerce. I am also early to experience one of the users of online shopping, 2002 I purchased a MP3 online, in the shop I saw on the brand logo is apple, but I found that after the receipt of the goods even find manufacturers not to call me in the past, this is said to him, do not be returned go. Halo, if I go back, I have to post