Music Amoy CEO Bi Sheng responded to the sale of rumors if it is good to sell

[Abstract] Sheng said in a foreign holiday, music Amoy is still in normal operation, but also seeking to sell.

music Amoy CEO Bi Sheng

vertical B2C site music Amoy has been silent for a long time in the industry. Yesterday, a rumor to let the music has long been lost in the industry view. It is said that the music Amoy was sold, music Amoy CEO Bi Sheng has brought the original music Amoy team out of business.

market rumors that the acquisition of Le Tao is before the Lok staff, former vice president in charge of operations Chen Kunlin, WeChat circle of friends more scripts that "a company to go bankrupt, reluctant to leave the beauty of colleagues, reluctant to leave the company, the company let her dad received."

has been a leading enterprise in the field of vertical B2C, music Amoy from peak to trough the fate of people sigh, this is the fate of the fate of the music Amoy more affected industry nerves. However, Bi Sheng accept Tencent technology connection, said these are entertainment gossip.

Bi Sheng day before vacation abroad, but he told the Tencent technology confirmed that some of the music Amoy situation, called Lok headquartered in Beijing, is still in normal operation, he also served as Lok CEO, but do not want to have to face the media, outside of some rumors very boring.

Bi Sheng does not cover up the music Amoy may seek to sell, said the relevant matters in progress. If the outside world is concerned about the sale of music Amoy is true, in the face of the plight of vertical B2C companies this year, the sale itself is a good thing.

Bi Sheng also said that in addition to his own music Amoy early investment projects, has been both. However, when asked about their specific energy distribution technology Tencent, this Bi Sheng said the music Amoy still just keep from talking about, seeking a new direction.

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