Shanda’s product clustering network will be closed for 30 days the collapse of the 3 appliance busin


electric foam (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent science and technology news (Lei Jianping) January 7th news, Tencent science and technology learned today, Shanda’s electricity supplier website poly network is about to close. Product clustering network founder Ge Binbin confirmed to the Tencent of science and technology, the website closed mainly financing is not in place, I don’t want to leave a mess, close the site is not the way.

this also means a grand attempt to business in less than 1 years suffered setbacks, but only a month, including the collapse of luxury website Huha network, Netease Luxuries, electricity supplier website products together may mean the arrival of business closures.

online less than 3 months after the site is about to close the fate of the station


poly mesh products founder Ge Binbin (Tencent technology plan)

yesterday evening rumors, Shanda’s product clustering network collapse in the first half of this year to see who disbanded, faster. Ge Binbin did not evade, not rumor, poly mesh products investment funds has not been in place, next week the goods party a notice, all businesses please feel at ease, and said it would comply with the agreement.


technology call Ge Binbin, Ge Binbin frankly encountered financing difficulties, they also operate such a long time in the electricity industry, do not want to close the site, but do not want to leave a mess, there is no way to close the site.

in fact, as early as in August last year, the product poly network technology has been completed, large-scale recruitment of e-commerce talent and start investment work, the entire site was formally launched on October 2011. This also means that in less than 3 months on the line suffered a closed fate.

Ge Binbin is a cool game gold CEO, and leading the team to create Makai – Zodiac – princes – Mojie 2 and a series of classic game brilliant. But after a year away from the game, he did not intend to return to the golden cool game, said only to return to the game, there may be a new venture.

however, the closure of the site will be the worst product clustering network of employees, and will feel sad year. Ge Binbin did not disclose the specific number of products poly network employees and deal with matters, only that the next Monday will be announced, and convened staff to study the dissolution of the team.


technology call poly mesh products business director Zhang Hao, the other did not do too much comment, however, for the products together will dissolve the issue, Zhang Hao also seemed very confused, but he said his future will be engaged in the electricity supplier industry, after all, also has a lot of resources, can do a lot of things.

it is worth noting that, in March last year, Ge Binbin had disclosed the grand investment in the establishment of royal network technology companies to enter the field of e-commerce C2C, direct competition with, personally by Ge Binbin. Royal network science and technology plan to catch up with Taobao within a year, to reach the second place in the country, after three years