Crazy nternet crazy Ali model

      Ali group, make you sweat. The bombing of the charm, only the horse brother can do. For a long period of time, are focused on the Ali group model, typical, including Alibaba, Taobao, alipay. No one dares to face up to Ali group. Including sheng.

      yesterday, a colleague issued a text analysis about Ali article about early reputation network, if not Mrs Ma to timely Jiujia word-of-mouth network will be very miserable death. In the end how miserable? I’m not dead. I don’t know. Later, the probability of death is also very little. As everyone knows, China also has two Internet heavyweights named Ma, is a horse, Ma, hold the network resources, one is Ma Huateng, hold the IM resources. Ma Huateng swept the place, are smoke, are confused, are helpless. But, he not sweep Ma Yun Ali, caifutong three years, pat for two years, but Taobao and Alipay can do. Instead, Taobao Wangwang was both the buyer and the seller must use the communication tools. This market share is gradually strengthening. No wonder even copied the QQ Empire did not dare to defy the West Lake mountain horse warrior.

      just the end of the network to the general assembly, Ma admitted that he is suddenly started, but also it is aware of the blow, but, in order to Ali Empire, not to blow not, apparently, Ma said he blew, few people will take his words seriously, even take the telescope to find no competitor under 500. Ma Daxia, Alibaba, Taobao, Alipay, at least in Chinese, that is. Of course, not including the YAHOO half-dead. On the second day network conference, Ma wonderful 45 minute speech, talked about a few Ali group’s success to the number, insist that people stay, can blow. Insist, because people stay, because of courage, perseverance, can blow, because the enterprise public relations in place. SARS achievements of a classic, 02 years, in addition to the memory of the mask, as well as the memorable IT that CCTV advertising: online trading, to create a miracle.

      later Taobao eBay war, the lady who has been summed up, for having heard it many times, is the first set in medicine. First price war to lure free eBay fooled, in under the ruthless drug in the traditional media bombing. The frequency of the display, so that the original share of about 40% of eBay had to adhere to the embarrassing withdrawal of the Chinese market after 06 years. This is the world’s largest e-commerce classic case. No wonder Yang Zhiyuan will take Ma Yun and vowed to YAHOO 1 billion investment and 3721 of the original anti takeover to Ma Yun Ali empire. Three years later, Yahoo China has become China YAHOO, from Yahoo China to China YAHOO, from YAHOO to YAHOO search just only do business to YAHOO search, although now there is no reason to say that they are successful, but let Ma Yun, let China Internet increase experience over.