Zhongguancun electronics stores e world closed more than the customer service

e world location reporter Chen Zhuo / photo

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there are 9 days away from the Spring Festival, the e world began to leave early. Once here all year round, is one of the main output of the national electronic products, some businesses earn more than 10 thousand yuan a day is very easy.

now, under the impact of electricity providers, the era of flood and market leverage is accelerating the transformation of the e world. Zhongguancun Venture Street gradually replace the old electronic mall, a place to go to Zhongguancun. China Youth Daily reporter exclusive investigation of the rise and fall of the world e e era has come, e world gone?

after February 10th, e world completely deserted.

is a big red sign close already posted on the door, "because the Zhongguancun e world unified business owners signed work has officially started, the market decided to stop its own investment and rental shops".

In fact, before the

mall here, the whole level of businesses have been emptied, many bright signs off half in the ashes, wiping the floor blowing draught. The only open entrance to add a number of pilots, because the change is too large, the direction of the elevator changed today, tomorrow also changed, it is easy to find". Although several layers of normal business, the customer has been in twos and threes, not much.

This year to

electronic stores business to the year thirty, on that Tuesday in February 10th, there are 9 days away from the year of the sheep during the Spring Festival, on the early start of the holiday, there is no one to say clearly, it will be at what time, what to face in front of people again.

then opened in the e world, less than 10 years.

once, here is Zhongguancun’s treasure. In the e world, tophere, collectively referred to as "the Dragon prosperous period of electronic commerce in Golden Triangle, visitors must first move in a huge crowd of people all over the country accent, with a wide variety of goods to reach the glass counter, see the electronic products right. These stores are the main output of the national electronic products.

now, however, the electricity supplier has become more and more frequently referred to the word, the news of the world e closed, and even has been very difficult to cause people’s surprise on the network. Zhongguancun Venture Street is gradually replacing the old electronic mall, a place to go to Zhongguancun. 3D three-dimensional painting, the young people work with a cup of coffee a day, 1 yuan registered office, an idea to attract partners, a project to get investment.

The day before the

was closed in the e world, some counters are green canvas cover tightly, on canvas squiggles specified shops in the mall and other new business address. People who did not have the time to move the goods, pulled the cart in the clutter of the shuttle. The boss sat still more in the gem display counter, or on the Internet or chat.

"what are you going to do next" a boss on the counter greets a man who is busy with the goods passing by