Ali crack down on false transactions continued small sellers mention 8 conditions taken away by the


Ali big sellers were besieged: the police involved in the sale of eight small sellers conditions

[TechWeb] on December 9th news reports, "Ali against false trading action" based on dissatisfaction, small sellers to launch malicious attacks Tmall group, the big seller event is continuing fermentation, yesterday, small sellers clearly put forward eight "truce" conditions. The media reported that the incident has been involved in the police, the seller has been the leader of the siege of small sellers have been taken away by the police.

eight conditions were as follows: 1, the restoration of all mistaken for false trading treasure, and restore the weight, releasing misjudgment of the C shop; 2, demanding a thorough investigation of Tmall Taobao false trading, to achieve fair and reasonable; 3, BC store separation, termination Tmall learned Taobao C shop flow; 4, businesses all violations, Taobao must the first proof, and punishment! 5, Taobao must change the rules by Taobao sellers guild voted to implement; 6, Tmall recovery rating mechanism, or cancel the Taobao bad review mechanism, realize the spirit of entrepreneurship platform Ali 7, fair and reasonable; requirements of all official Ali activities must be fair and consistent with Tmall mall and Taobao C shop; 8, Ali group publicly apologized for the incident.

this, Ali official has not formally responded.

this event began in December 3rd, Taobao launched a large-scale strict rectification of the special action of false transactions". Forced to remove a lot of Taobao store goods, the implementation of a two penalty policy, while the seller does not make a commitment to lead the complaint. This quickly aroused many "foreign products" small sellers of discontent, and gathered through the QQ group, "network alliance" entrepreneurs counterattack strategy consultation.

day, starry, UNIQLO, Luxuries delivery and a number of well-known Tmall big sellers suddenly by thousands of small sellers attack Taobao, its main approach is the big seller selling merchandise malicious photographed, and attack the shops through train advertising.


in three days after the incident, by micro-blog to make a formal response, optimization of the appeals process and the extension of the term of appeal. On the other hand also stressed the need to resolutely clear the credibility of speculation behavior.

The micro-blog

"clear haze let the market speculation letter reproduced blue sky" said, part of the Taobao business through the false information to deceive consumers, Taobao has already threatened the credit system, and will struggle will not the integrity of the concession.

and Ma also gave a clear attitude towards the matter, saying that the fight against the hype will lead to trouble in the credit, but speculation credit, fake and intellectual property infringement is the bottom line, who did not make trouble. If you do not want to accept the integrity of the test, welcome the seller to leave Taobao to go to those who support them, do not expect Taobao will compromise, said the fight will be carried out in the end.

for the eight major sellers of the proposed armistice conditions, a veteran in the industry, said micro-blog, homes