Language is a kind of culture Do your users understand you

language, make our life full of meaning to contemporary people impetuous, text is dull and dry. If you want your product to process user communication is smooth and natural, so we should use the copy directly, come straight to the point to minimize, the burden of understanding. Only copy + design the same intentions, in order to really attract users to stop and stay, in order to truly allow users to read your intentions!


"visual" can make your products more beautiful, "" interaction can make your products become good, in addition to the outside, there is a class of things, it can make your products become human stories, that is "copy".

people by virtue of "appearance" and "feeling" to determine whether it is worth trusting. A product is the need for beauty and comfort, we are constantly exploring the beauty of the product, so that the product is comfortable, from the emotional point of view of the efforts to make the user want to be your product consumption".

"beauty" is a prerequisite for useful and usable.

when people feel difficult to read fonts, will put this judgment onto the text content, the content itself is difficult to understand or think it is difficult to achieve, yimaoquren.

In addition to the visual

, copywriting is also a visual product. If the document is inadequate, the user will misunderstand this point is very interesting, users will be blamed on the content, thus the product overall are not love, so copy use is very important! As a product manager, we in every tiny detail during the grinding process, should be for the user to create products to solve the problem, to help users more convenient to fix.

in small Q seems to have a good copy of the following two key points:

you write the copy, the user can understand, not only you can understand. (copy is to the user, and the user’s cognitive level difference is large, so we need to get rid of those tall on the terms, use the most straightforward and easy to understand description);

you write the text, to let users understand what you can bring them benefits.

The shorter the

copy, the easier it is to understand

in the process of product design copy, the bomb box is the most common communication channels, no matter what type of bomb box, we must do a simple copy. Do not allow users to look at the half did not understand what you are going to say, and then there is no way also does not matter the point of "OK" or "cancel"". Normally, "OK" than "good" written more, more stringent, install the application and operating system of the window to make more use of; in addition, the "good" "OK" than "OK" to tension is low, more suitable for some tips, news of pop, a user does not need to a brain to think about information.

McKinsey asked the company to do everything in a very short period of time to clear the results, everything goes straight to the theme, straight to the results. Mccann >