Why Taiwan electricity supplier is not developed under the reference of their super developed conve

[Abstract] in less power consumption, falling profits, electric erosion, large supermarket breakout road where? To master big data analysis based on "commercial experimental study" in 5 directions, to bring the economic benefits of hundreds of millions of retail enterprises.



titanium media has been the business circle has a problem, why the electricity supplier in Taiwan on how to develop? This is really "blame" super stores they too developed, seven eleven and the family convenience store to everywhere, the corner can meet love. This may be on the one hand, on the other hand, is a strong technical knowledge of the business system constantly updated technology, often have a variety of creative and cutting-edge technology learning. Today the Media Research Institute of electric Titanium business class, on the invitation of "commercial value" of Liu Meilai about the convenience supermarket stores "business learning experiment":

retail companies may produce exciting but risky ideas every day, and how do they work? What is the effect of


big data under the commercial learning experiment

family convenience store in Taiwan, with more than 2 thousand stores in Taiwan. They found in the survey, consumers have significant demand for brewed coffee. In the family, was rushed in all stores offer brewed coffee, or the coffee machine will give priority to purchase in some shops? Coffee sold at the same time, whether it will squeeze other store coffee and beverage sales for product


in the past, experienced managers will form strategic assumptions through intuition. And now, they can pass the APT to big data analysis based on the experiment and learning software, a more cautious approach different data verification of selection of some small stores to test this new ideas, learn from the results, find out the company’s revenue, net profit, return on investment rate, the most successful version of possession the market, so as to design a set of the best promotion plan, and strive to promote the. The systematic approach is called "experimental learning".

first, APT more than 2 thousand stores the information into a data platform, and in two weeks for the past 3 years the family convenience of thousands of cash register records into a database; the establishment of a property file for each store within two months, including all the elements, the size of the shop around the population age, employment status, competition distance, location and so on related business.


, APT select a number of shops, divided into experimental group and reference group for the experiment. Through the "commercial experimental study", the family convenience store added coffee machine questions quickly found the answer, they found the priority into the coffee machine, and learned what position the shops do not need coffee machine, which stores in the import coffee machine to enhance the net performance.

similar choices have appeared in Subway body. In 2008, the company intends to