Baidu suspected of being hacked by ran

at 7:20 on January 12th or so, in the webmaster forum began to appear a large number of webmaster post, said the domestic well-known search engine Baidu can’t open, can not go up.


7:20 about the first post

followed by a large number of users have raised the same question.


8 o’clock, enthusiastic owners call, inform the Chinese station, Baidu has lasted more than half an hour to visit, all the two domain names all shut down.



executes the "Ping" command to the Baidu server, it returns the request timeout message.


then edit the landing site background and found that at 7:53 has been submitted to the webmaster DOWAY, saying he is Netcom users, in addition to Baidu can not be opened, can be accessed, with the phone landing also not.

8:10 or so, there are a large number of webmasters in the QQ group, netizens asked whether the other can log on Baidu. As of press time, Baidu has more than one hour has yet to restore access, such as long time massive downtime, in Baidu’s history is very rare. A similar incident occurred in September 12, 2006.

8:25 from Beijing’s bright uncle said his Ping Baidu YAHOO DNS

is displayed

C:Usersinso> Ping

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

8:27 CTG from Shanghai, said the Baidu open normal, Ping Baidu address display IP is


8:28 enthusiastic webmaster sendmail contributor said Baidu was hacked into Iran


8:29 enthusiastic webmaster Wang Shilun said Baidu suspected of being hacked by Iran


8:31 from Jiangsu’s enthusiastic webmaster call the China Station Station said he opened Baidu also visited the Iran hacking page.

is not currently aware of the relevant reasons, >