A5 buy improved with the group process so that the owners buy more convenient

A5 is the A5 webmaster webmaster group purchase "under the banner of the webmaster webmaster every day for the group purchase, we selected a webmaster friends interested in programs such as website or virtual products, or personality Tee kind, as long as the webmaster friends interested in, as long as the long friend affordable, we may be recommended products. Every day a group, each group is fine.

A5 buy to the user as the center, and strive to give the user a better experience with the group, we are making progress every day, you are also welcome to buy A5 to put forward more and better ideas and opinions.

in order to further improve the user experience, A5 webmaster group purchase http://s.tuan.admin5.com/ to further optimize the process, optimize the search function, add new functions, let the webmaster group purchase goods more simple and more convenient, greatly saves the station time.

, A5 buy a new business with the background of the self-service inquiry orders orders, businesses can directly view the user with the group information.

After the

improvement, with the group process as follows: the user to visit the A5 group with the group to buy the user to contact the business requirements of the shipping business to check orders with the success of the group to verify the business to the user.

improved with the group process, reducing the A5 buy this intermediate link, so that not only allows businesses to deliver to the user, but also to liberate us, do not have to keep 24 hours in front of the computer. Great improvement.

wanted to get up on Zhou Hongyi’s point of view of micro Innovation: a certain aspect of a small function, from small focus, close to user needs, the user experience to achieve the ultimate.

two, A5 buy information classification, search buy more quickly!

figure, buy products classified as "software", "source class", "training class", "IDC class", "webmaster class", "kind".

software categories: all kinds of e-mail marketing software, SEO software, forum / blog /CMS/B2B mass marketing software, station group software, acquisition software, etc.;

source categories: portal / classification information / Taobao / buy / buy navigation / real estate / Recruitment / website source code system

training class: webmaster related SEO training / marketing training / software production training / Taobao shop training / Taobao ranking training /adwords training / soft text writing training, etc.;

IDC category: domain name / host and other IDC products;

webmaster category: webmaster related buy products;

kind of class: webmaster related physical products

buy information classification will help users more quickly and easily find a period of buy, the latter is expected to be the development of the total station to retrieve searach, buy tag and other functions, please look forward to.

three, buy new web floating online customer service, >