What are the basic flow of tea shop

open milk tea shop is a small investment projects, but want to do a good project also need to do a good job in all aspects of the preparatory work. The following small series with you to analyze the specific process is what kind of. If you want to learn how to open a tea shop, then come and see.

/ step method

1, first of all, to analyze their own personal management capabilities, the ability to transport domain, character mentality, to see if it is suitable for a shop owner. This is important!

2, the second in assessment of their environment: one is the degree of family support; two is the economic ability (see how much can the investment, will not affect the other existing business or industry, not only do the tea shop to know tea can not eat. (three) risk resistance.

3, the last is the positioning of the business strategy, is how you open the store after the development (at this point a lot of people are blind, love to do some unrealistic dreams).

analyze what you want to shop for the local industry (that is, know your future enemy or strategic partner), which is itself. Be sure to use the actual data to explain the situation, this will take a certain amount of time, energy and financial resources, I hope to shop friends do not save this work.

Prepare basic conditions of

1, technical aspects have to understand it?

2, can the equipment be purchased?

3, raw materials can be purchased and long-term supply and demand convenience?

4, is the use of other brands or self created brand?