Wuxi central business district built the first public space

is now in many places are actively creating some public record space, at the same time to build such a business space is also in order to achieve the business goals to help people better in Jiangsu, Wuxi in order to promote entrepreneurship, to build such a business space.

the public record space construction by the relevant government departments to promote the Chong’an District, relying on Yunfu investment holding group, United’s Su Ningyun, Amoy business school and other enterprises, construction technology finance is the focus of the public record space service platform, open area of 2000 square meters.

in the future operation, integration and innovation of entrepreneurial resources, cultivate innovative talent, build a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, to carry out Internet brand promotion, product marketing, Internet banking and other services for innovation and entrepreneurship service platform in one of the younger guests to create a set of business space of public services, investment services, online business under the incubation function.



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