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, a University of four years passed very quickly, think about this day last year, when the September opening, the primary and middle school students are returning to campus, and this time is often a lot of money golden ideas continue to emerge, the profits of real time, what are you waiting for! Suitable for the opening of the money today, you recommend a few ideas, free to you! Make sure you make money right away!

4 for money at the beginning of golden ideas: second-hand bookstore


is "around the university bookstore, but this does not affect a superb collection of beautiful things" has become the choice of many entrepreneurs. Out of consideration for the facade rent, the distribution of second-hand bookstore surrounded by dense surrounding colleges.

Zhihai bookstore is one of them, business is booming. Young boss Liu Xiaojuan business is simple but very practical. "According to the students send books of popularity and value and recency, with discounts or calculated by catty acquisition of books. The bookstore is generally sold at around seventy percent off."

comments: second-hand bookstore there, can let the foreign students after graduation will be placed in the bedroom, sell books, reduce the burden of home, but also facilitate the needs of these books in school, to avoid the waste of resources. Whether it is source or source can be described as an endless stream of

4 for money at the beginning of gold idea: open studio

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