Chengdu family bank to obtain public support

good tradition can promote the harmonious development of the family, the child is a favorable environment for the growth of. In a family bank in Chengdu, people see such a lively scene, a lot of people will have a good tradition in the bank, which is a precious spiritual wealth to be handed down from age to age.

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" family bank "I feel is a new thing, I very much support, has very good demonstration significance of children education." Yulin Road community residents Lan Yali said, a family needs a good family rules, will improve the understanding of children’s thinking, children should know how to treat the elderly, honest friends, some do not, also can pass the good tradition of rules to correct education.

"now always on the economy, but the tradition family motto is more important, is priceless." Yulin Road community residents Peng Shujun said, often engage in some activities are now linked to the economic, and the "family bank" is to improve the quality of thought from their own, more important to modern people.

at present, collection activities of the tradition family motto of community residents, garrison units to the support of the community as of now "family bank" collected a total of more than 1000 family tradition. These instructions rules lead children in silence, they are formed into the values and outlook on life.

"our good tradition of the whole family, family harmony, development and family members, will play an important role." Yulin Road community party secretary Xiang Wanjun believes that every family if there is a good family tradition, family, so family members quality is not too low.

in Chengdu the family bank, we find that the majority of Chengdu people pay more attention to the good tradition, to win people’s approval, which is conducive to the construction of socialist harmonious society. At the same time through the "family community bank" found the community good tradition consciousness, stimulate the residents of family education, the formation of moral norms, make consensus cast into community service, realize their sense of belonging, and sense of self-worth.

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